Nishant Verma

Human Error?
Technical Error?
Operational Error?

As an Analyst, I have been behind many Arms of the Govt to Find Errors and Blunders of the Govt.

Here is what seemingly caused the AIX’s Flight’s Fatal End in Kozhikode, Kerala on 7th Aug 2020.

The expert warned 9 years ago – Runway 10 of Kozhikode airport is unsafe

Karipur airport is unsafe and landing should not be allowed here, especially during wet conditions, Captain Mohan Ranganathan, a member of a safety advisory committee constituted by the ministry of civil aviation, had warned more than nine years ago.

DGCA has always been on my Radar, and Now I question them Yet again.

Q1 – while the craft did decide a Go around on its 1st Landing approach at about 5,600 feet and came in for a 2nd attempt to Land, why wasn’t it diverted to a safer Airport, considering the overall conditions?

Q2- The craft didn’t catch fire, even when it broke up into pieces, this reflects the force by which it crashed into the land, after making a safe landing (although didn’t come to a hault). Was it Tank dry? Were the Reverse Thrusters hence not functioning? Keeping in mind that the buffer zone on this airstrip in only 90 meters and we have a gorge.

Q3- Will the Aviation Minister take Responsibility?

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