Trust usually comes with conditions. You trust someone to do or not to do what you want. But most of the times, humans, including our self, still can never live up to expectations as we never know what the moment requires from us.

We can only Trust “what is”

If you don’t want your trust to be broken, let go of all expectations.

Life goes according to plan no matter what, and whether we see it or not at the time… it’s always for our best.

And trust is a very precious thing … So, don’t expect from anyone except your very close persons and in this way your trust won’t be harmed.

one who do anything for one person, that person has a one kind of love and ask all kind of help for that one. That EMOTIONAL RESPECT is trust.

Trust is the name of hoping something from someone to always be good.

Be careful, on the person you trust. They can break it once they wanted it. TRUST no one, that’s it.

Have a nice day dear friends, I’ll be back with some more interesting topic.

Jennifer Clark

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