Deepak Shankar Agarwal

In the recent turn of events, the nation held its breath when the news came in of a Bollywood megastar who had been tested positive for Coivd-19. He was immediately admitted to a nearby hospital along with his family members. Within a few minutes of the incident, messages of prayers flowed in from all over the nation for his well-being. The health of one of India’s most loved and respected celebrity is a matter of utmost importance for all his fans and well-wishers.

Seeing a graph of the stars’ success and failures we also tried to dig into the graph of the properties he had bought in his more successful years attempting to draw a connection between his life and Land Genetics.

Land Genetics is a scientific and evidence-based study of the Land-Human relationship. The study sees a connection between the energy of an individual with the elements of the land they are living in, complementing it with the outcome of his/her life. My study of Land Genetics helps people renovate their non-responsive lives to responsive life. This is a unique combination of science and energy engineering.

The megastar lived for 40 years in his first house bought by him with his entire family. Reports suggest that the house is very close to his heart, it has an ancestral temple and a very old Gulmohar tree. The actor became a star and rose to success in his first house. In my research the location of the house where he first lived is a land which supports better health and wealth. He later moved into his new house which was gifted to him by a renowned director in the year 1982. It was the same year that the actor met a near-death accident on the sets of his upcoming film at that time. Post the accident the actor also filed bankruptcy in the year 2000. As time passed the financial condition of the actor improved but his health kept deteriorating.

With the help of Land Genetics and my study of three decades, there is around 40% scope of improvement in the actors’ health-life. Land Genetics can help you improve all aspects of your life, health, finance and inter-personal relationships. The land you live in, the office space you work in, the properties you buy impact your growth, and measure your success in the world. If the electromagnetic waves of the land meets with the wavelength of the individual, the concerned individual can lead a very harmonious and balanced life.

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