life is like  a cube and you should always look by the other side of the cube nothing lasts in this life, so even when you’re happy you should expect sadness, when you’re sad you should expect the good side of your sadness, and that works with people, madness, things you should buy….etc

Make yourself busy, don’t worry ’bout little things just believe that you’ll overcome it. Be with your family, friends or anyone that could make you genuinely happy. Try to think positive and do what makes you happy as long as it’s good and you won’t hurt others

Do meditation. I know it is difficult in this situation and random thoughts come in to your mind. But you should take it easy and allow you thoughts while you practicing it every day. Eventually it soothes your mind. It’s a lengthy process. You can hire a trainer.

Relaxing, slowing down and calming the mind and it’s process of thinking. By watching were your thoughts come and go, and allowing the muscles in your mind, head and face to relax, helps slow everything down.

By this process you are able to watch for any thoughts of the future which helps with anxiety. Notice where you feel you are rushing and allow those muscles to calm down.

Each thought is only a temporary wave which soon calms the moment it is seen, felt and relaxed.

Last is, instead of trying to get rid of it, you could try becoming friendly towards it and see what happens…

The more one practices, the easier and more noticeable the calm underneath it all becomes.

Studies show that the right sort of music causes the body to release an increased amount of so-called endorphins with the results that the person becomes less sensitive to pain and feels much better.

Music arouses emotion, soothes, comforts and can lead to changes in behavior. It can also encourage the healing process, increase a person’s ability to tolerate pain and help them overcome their fears

Pen down all the things going inside your mind, and try to figure out whether it was necessary to care about those things or not?

Dear friends hope this will help you. I’ll be back with more issues and their solutions.

Keep reading and RESTORE YOURSELF for your loved ones.


Jennifer Clark

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